3 Great Ways To Spend “Use It Or Lose It” Benefits

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The holidays are hectic and it’s easy to forget things. Something that gets forgotten often? “Use it or lose it” benefits (Flex saving accounts, HSA, etc.) that expire at the end of the year.

Even if you haven’t forgotten, it can still be a pain to figure out how to use them. If you have “use it or lose it” insurance benefits, here are a few ways to get your money’s worth … Continue reading “3 Great Ways To Spend “Use It Or Lose It” Benefits”

How to Clean Eyeglasses

How to Clean Eyeglasses

It’s crazy that there was once a time when people thought eyeglasses were uncool. Luckily, most know the truth now: Eyeglasses are hot!

There are a ton of designer frames available with styles that can fit any lifestyle and occasion. It’s easy to see why many now choose eyeglasses over contact lenses.

When you get a pair of glasses you love, you want to keep them in perfect condition. Here are a few tips to clean your eyeglasses and keep them looking good. Continue reading “How to Clean Eyeglasses”

6 Common Eye Conditions in Humans

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Kind of a weird title … but hey, ya never know! Some people with pets might be searching for eye conditions in dogs or cats. Might as well be transparent so we don’t waste anyone’s time!

To many people, the eyes are everything. They let us experience the world and help us make our way through everyday life.

When something goes wrong with our eyes, it can be scary. It’s good to know some common eye conditions and be aware of the symptoms, so here they are! Continue reading “6 Common Eye Conditions in Humans”

Our Wilmington Eye Doctor Is Taking Appointments & New Patients!

The COVID-19 shutdown has created problems for eye clinics. Many are backed up from rescheduling appointments and most are not accepting new patients at this time. In fact, some eye clinics are booked until October in their area. If you’re unable to get an eye appointment at your clinic, we’re ready to help you!

Front Street Optometric Care is open and accepting new patients. We have immediate appointment openings available and our eye doctor in Wilmington is prepared to examine your eyes safely. We understand that your vision is your window to the world, and we are committed to providing you with the highest-quality eye care. Continue reading “Our Wilmington Eye Doctor Is Taking Appointments & New Patients!”

Why The Fork Is My Eye Twitching?!

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Bet you didn’t expect to see a reference to The Good Place on an eye clinic website! Well, we don’t wanna swear and that show is super cute, so “fork” it is!

Seriously though, eye twitching is annoying as fork and it seems to come out of nowhere. It might feel like some random thing that’s only trying to bother you, but there’s usually a very simple cause. Continue reading “Why The Fork Is My Eye Twitching?!”

3 Causes Of Dry Eyes

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Who doesn’t need a good cry every now and then? If you’re in one of those moods, This Is Us should do the trick. Guaranteed waterworks! Okay, okay, maybe you don’t feel like crying right now, but tears are still important.

Tears moisten, cleanse and protect the eyes. Every time you blink, you create tears that wash away dust and microorganisms to protect the surface of your eyes. But sometimes this protective coating dries up, which can make your eyes burn or feel gritty. Dry eyes can also make you more sensitive to light and can even cause blurred vision. Continue reading “3 Causes Of Dry Eyes”